HOW TO: Clean out your PS4 console

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I give my PS4 quite a hard time with long sessions of gaming, and more recently playing it for hours in the often over 30ºC (86ºF) weather Melbourne has been having of late. Recently I have noticed that my PS4 becomes quite loud after only a short time of playing a game, sounding more like a lawnmower than a state-of-the-art piece of technology.

After some research online I found that I was not alone, and the cause of this extreme noise could most likely be attributed to the consoles fan and internals being clogged with dust. I found a handy “how to” video on Youtube (see above) and proceeded to follow the instructions provided. The task of taking apart your PS4 is really not that hard at all, utilizing only a Stanley knife, Phillips head screwdriver, a can of compressed air, and a T8 security Torx screwdriver. Most of these items will generally be around your home or can be bought from your local hardware store.

The instructions were easy and simple enough to follow, even for a novice like me — just ensure that you take care to not lose the screws or snap any of the internal pieces. The only major thing you really need to worry about is if your console is currently inside of the 12-monthh warranty then it will be voided, as you must remove the stickers covering the rear screws.

As a side note, during the process of taking apart your console, you will see in the video that you can also swap out your hard drive for a bigger size unit, or even change to an SSD hard drive to improve loading times. I have not personally tried this so I am unable to comment on how successful it actually is, but from what I have heard it can be a good improvement to consider, so I will upload a new article if I choose to undertake this modification.

After taking apart my dirty little console I found quite a lot of dust built up on the fan and internal housing, after a quick wipe down and spray with the compressed air I was satisfied I had cleaned it enough. I proceeded to put my newly clean console back together, taking care to ensure no pieces were damaged and eagerly plugged it into the power source and booted it up.

Thankfully, I was greeted by a now whisper quiet fan and after playing some games for a couple of hours I can confirm that my console is still running quietly. If you are having an issue with your PS4 console running hot or loud and do not mind voiding the warranty, then I would strongly suggest you follow the steps in the above video to correct the issue.

Have you tried cleaning out your PS4 console in the past? Did it solve the issues you were encountering? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


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