[CES 2017] The Rinspeed Oasis hints at the future of autonomous vehicles

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If you’ve never been to CES you have to understand that there is literally a million (or more) things to see and you cannot possibly get to them all. One of the things we did get to see was the Rinspeed Oasis, a concept vehicle presented by HARMAN. The Rinspeed Oasis represents what HARMAN thinks the future of autonomous vehicles could look like. The Rinspeed Oasis offers a glimpse at the future of autonomous driving and how advanced, holistic vehicle intelligence will transform the driving experience. The Oasis will offer a plethora of personal solutions within it that will fit just about anyone.

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HARMAN Unveils The Ultimate In-Car Experience for Intelligent, Intuitive Autonomous Driving at CES 2017

User experience modes are demonstrated exclusively in the new Rinspeed Oasis concept vehicle

“More than a technology supplier, HARMAN is an inspiration partner to the world’s automakers, and the Oasis is a testament to that vision – a vehicle that is contextual, personalized and highly connected,” said Phil Eyler, president, HARMAN Connected Car. “HARMAN believes autonomy should not equal monotony, and this vehicle offers an integrated cockpit and bleeding edge user interface that advances mobility and connectivity while providing an unparalleled user experience. This results in a driving experience that is more powerful, productive, personalized and protected than ever before.”

“When it comes to the future of automotive technology, HARMAN is in a league of its own with a deep competence in software across mobility, cloud, and analytics domains,” said Ricky Hudi, Founder and Managing Director, Future Mobility Technologies. “As a supplier and partner, HARMAN is enabling more personalized, connected and autonomous driving experiences, all of which are captured in the Rinspeed Oasis.”

Using the HARMAN compute platform, Oasis offers portable personalization with the complete Microsoft Office suite and voice-controlled virtual assistant, enabling advanced in-vehicle productivity to join conference calls, update calendars and more. It also features full-windshield HUD technology and high-resolution 3D maps, offering a future look at the user interface and how drivers and passengers can interact with their cars. Oasis is also highly connected, with IoT integration that offers home-to-car transfers of preferences, and a suite of connected services such as car sharing, social media integration, weather, parking and reservations supported by the HARMAN automotive cloud platform. HARMAN’s state-of-the-art camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems monitor, record and assess the surroundings of the vehicle to round out a driving experience with enhanced safety features.

HARMAN’s vision for the autonomous vehicle user experience includes a series of modes and systems that elevate both the autonomous and manual driving experience, including how the vehicle interacts with drivers and passengers during their time in the vehicle – from autonomous driving to re-engaging drivers upon arrival at a destination. The revolutionary vehicle also features a number of industry-firsts, including:

  • Full Windshield Heads-Up Display: Oasis utilizes the full windshield to project navigation prompts and other information to the driver, while also simultaneously projecting entertainment or information to the passenger.
  • Autonomous Drive Readiness Check – Handover to Manual: One of the most critical concerns of autonomous vehicles is how to ensure the transition between autonomous mode and manual mode is handled seamlessly. HARMAN’s solution combines haptic feedback, eye gaze tracking, and the driver’s cognitive load readiness through pupil monitoring, to ensure that that the driver is truly engaged and able to safely take control of the steering wheel.
  • Augmented Reality Concierge: This solution addresses the need to support increased productivity in the car while minimizing distraction. A voice-controlled virtual assistant functions as a concierge, automatically suggesting and displaying personalized points of interest while enabling advanced in-vehicle productivity to join conference calls, update calendars and more. Through Skype connectivity, the system can even translate telephone conversations – in real time — with colleagues speaking different languages.
  • Predictive Collision Prevention: V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure) technologies detect objects on a collision course and offer corrective action.
    Intelligent E-Mirrors: Mirrors that are automatically activated/dimmed based on user gaze.

With more than 5,600 patents in all key domains, including safety, design, navigation, connectivity, networking, HMI and more, HARMAN continues to push the boundaries bringing connected car innovations to market that enable new connected experiences, improve driver safety and increase vehicle security.


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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