JetBlue will now offer free Wi-Fi on all domestic flights


Accessing the internet on flights is certainly possible from just about every airline these days, but it will cost you. JetBlue is aiming to hook you onto its airline by offering free Wi-Fi services on all domestic flights, which could be a big win for them. I’ve flown JetBlue in the past and as airlines go, they aren’t the worst but certainly not the best, this little PR stunt may just gain them some more business. Airline Wi-Fi isn’t always the greatest though but JetBlue says their’s — called Fly-Fi — will be better.

JetBlue’s Fly-Fi®, which clocks in at broadband speeds beating sluggish and pricey Wi-Fi offerings onboard other carriers, keeps customers connected with an irnternet experience similar to what they have at home, including the ability to stream video and use multiple devices at once. The service enables JetBlue to deliver Amazon Video streaming entertainment to customers onboard to their personal devices, as well as web surfing and chatting on favorite messaging apps.

It remains to be seen just how well Fly-Fi will perform with a cabin full or potential users trying to all access it at the same time. Depending on what each passenger is doing, it could very well be an exercise in futility trying to stream Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video when 100+ other devices are all trying to do the same. Still, it’s a start to getting more entertainment options on domestic airline flights and we sure hope it works out for everyone in the end. If you happen to take a flight on JetBlue when this is implemented, we’d be interested to know how it goes so drop us a line.

What do you think of JetBlue’s free Wi-Fi offer for domestic passengers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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