Third party Nintendo Switch accessories leak, give us a look at what we can expect


We’ve seen the system announcement, we’ve heard possible leaked prices, and we’ve even had leaked price tags for what may ultimately become a Nintendo Switch bundle. The leaks just keep coming ahead of tonight’s official unveiling, and now we’re seeing some third party Nintendo Switch accessories leaked via Twitter user DroidXAce.

The leaked products come via accessory maker Hori, and it’s pretty clear by the very first image that they likely don’t appreciate DroidXAce’s efforts to leak these images to the public. They do, however, give us a good look at some of the capabilities of Nintendo’s next console, while also confirming several rumors, as well as opening up, even more questions.

We see some pretty standard stuff like screen protectors, controllers, AC adapters, and LAN adapters, but the leak also shows off protective cases, a pro fighting stick, and decorative console stickers. This is admittedly just one third party accessory maker, but if Hori is any indication of the support that the Switch will receive, I’m hopeful that Nintendo may have finally learned from its previous mistakes. We’ll learn more tonight on the live stream, of course, but any new Nintendo Switch information is welcome in my opinion. (Gallery images below are courtesy of NeoGAF)

We may have confirmed the SD card looking cartridges based on these pictures as well. There are several hard protective cases that have what look to be cartridge storage on one side. The slots do look roughly SD card-sized, though again I’m sure we’ll have confirmation one way or the other tonight. There’s pretty clearly no optical disk drive on the console, and I can’t imagine Nintendo would want to go digital download only. The Legend of Zelda wraps and other accessories make me hopeful that we’ll see Zelda as a launch title. Don’t disappoint me Nintendo!

What do you think of these leaked Nintendo Switch accessories? Do any of these make you want the console more? Less? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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