Did the Samsung Galaxy S8 just get leaked via Samsung Display?

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Samsung had an undeniably rough 2016 with the failure that was the Note7 but they’re looking to turn things around in 2017. The company is set to release their Galaxy S8 soon, which has been rumored to bring many innovative features as well as new aesthetics. The company itself may have just leaked the Galaxy S8 in a YouTube video for its Samsung displays. Check out the full video below. It is in Korean, so if one of our readers can translate for us that would be fantastic!


Rumor has been that the new Galaxy S8 would feature a front panel with nearly no bezels and the home button removed. If this is indeed at least a mockup of the new Galaxy S8 then those rumors are confirmed. Removing the home button is a huge move for Samsung. Like Apple, the home button has been a staple feature. We can only speculate that Samsung may be using capacitive touch technology to integrate the functions of the home button into the glass.

It’s also very possible the fingerprint scanner has been moved to the back of the phone, but we do not get that view so that’s just more speculation. Other rumors are that the phone in this video isn’t the Galaxy S8 but perhaps a future phone (maybe the intended Note8). The reason some believe this phone may not be the Galaxy S8 is due to another leak via a Tweet from @Slashleaks that depicts a slightly different but more familiar design.

Whichever design ends up being more accurate, Samsung needs the S8 to succeed so they can leave the Note7 debacle behind them. I’m partial to the design in the video, but either one will probably end up looking great.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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