Google acknowledges the Pixel/Pixel XL has a speaker issue

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One thing that is difficult for consumers to understand is when a company’s products have one or multiple issues and the company either doesn’t want to fix it ASAP or knows about the problem, but doesn’t actually say anything about it until enough people complain. One product with an issue that hasn’t been fixed yet is the Google Pixel/Pixel XL. Multiple users have complained that it has a speaker issue which causes it to make a crackling noise and distortion when any type of media is being played at max volume.

A Reddit user posted part of his email directly from “top tier Google Support Specialist” stating that the audio issue is known to be a hardware issue, but only on “select build of devices.” Supposedly there is a fix, but it deals with installing a customer ROM on the handset, but not everyone knows how or wants to do that just to fix an issue.


On top of this being a hardware issue, Google isn’t offering any sort of refunds for the speaker issue but will offer warranty services for any affected Pixel phones. If you do end up going with a warranty service, there’s no telling if that will end up fixing the issue as you may receive another Pixel with the same crackling/distorted noise.

Here’s a video someone posted on Youtube with an audio issue.

Other issues folks are having with the Pixel and Pixel XL is that the battery life on the device doesn’t seem to be doing so well either, and we can’t forget about the lens flare issue with the camera that should be fixed with an update whenever that gets pushed out.

What are your thoughts about the Google Pixel/XL having a crackling issue when audio is being played? If you have a Pixel, is yours part of the “select builds?” Let us know by leaving your comments down below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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