Green-powered catamaran prepares for 6-year journey around the world


Two Frenchmen have an ambitious plan to sail a green-powered catamaran around the world for the next 6 years. The catamaran will be powered by sun, wind, and hydrogen energy. Outfitted with solar panels, wind turbines and a hydrogen fuel cell, the pair hope that’s all it will take to make the journey. The goal of the journey is to prove that green energy is a viable solution for transportation and many other applications.

The former race boat was created by a team of architects, engineers, and navigators, aiming for autonomy with a mixture of natural energy and the decarbonised production of hydrogen from sea water. The team believes the largest challenge faced in the 21st century is producing energy at a lower cost and carbon-free manner. this research and development is central to the ‘energy observer’ project, to demonstrate the performance of this new energy model, and thus serve as an example throughout the world.


Alternative green energy is a growing field of research as we seek to find a way to supplement our way off fossil fuels. There’s probably a lot of research yet to come and we’re hoping much of it points to a viable large-scale solution. The argument over green energy and fossil fuel energy often gets mired in political goo as researchers and companies battle over dollars. Though at some point, I would think the arguments will finally come to a promising understanding of the need to find new energy avenues.

What do you think of this catamaran project? Do you think these guys will be successful? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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