Samsung Galaxy S8 may be delayed after Note7 investigation results

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Mobile World Congress is just a few weeks away but the Samsung Galaxy S8 may not be making the party. Samsung has finally released the results of the Note7 investigation and because of that, it is increasing efforts into safety. Samsung mobile chief Koh Dong-jin says the company wants to avoid the same issues with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and is taking precautions. The Note7 investigation showed Samsung relied on two suppliers who delivered faulty batteries, resulting in multiple Note7 devices catching fire.

“The lessons of this incident are deeply reflected in our culture and process,” Koh told reporters at a press briefing. “Samsung Electronics will be working hard to regain consumer trust.”

The investigation into the Note7 batteries further revealed manufacturing defects that caused them to short-circuit causing the fires. Some critics still point to the design of the Note7 chassis, claiming Samsung didn’t leave enough space between it and the battery.

“The odds that two different suppliers had issue with the same phone is an extremely low likelihood and may signal we have reached an inflection point in smartphone battery technology,” said Patrick Moorhead, president of technology analyst and advisory firm Moor Insights & Strategy.

For its part, Samsung has implemented new safety and battery checks in its assembly process hoping to avoid a repeat of the Note7. Only time will tell if everything pans out for the company. They will have to deliver a near flawless Samsung Galaxy S8 in order to regain the trust of many consumers. To its credit, Samsung has at least seemed transparent and willing to work on the Note7 issue as well as making changes to ensure a problem of this magnitude doesn’t happen again.

What do you think of the Note7 results? How about the delay of the S8? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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