Matrix PowerWatch uses your body heat as a power source

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Batteries have one fatal flaw, they need to be recharged or they altogether die out. Depending on the device, this could mean buying a whole new device or battery replacement. The Matrix PowerWatch doesn’t have either problem as it uses you as the power source. The Matrix PowerWatch is one we wish we would have been able to see at CES 2017 but we didn’t. It certainly looks like it’s a very worthwhile idea and seems like a viable solution for powering a wearable piece of tech.

The Matrix PowerWatch is the world’s first smartwatch that you never have to charge. Powered by your body heat, it measures calories burned, activity level, and sleep using our advanced thermoelectric technology. It is the only smartwatch to feature a power meter which displays how much electrical power you are generating. Unlike today’s smartwatches which need to be recharged every day or two, the Matrix PowerWatch never needs to be removed from your wrist for charging. The PowerWatch runs off your body heat and when you take it off, your data is stored in memory and it goes to sleep; put it back on and the watch turns back on right where you left it. It’s got a power meter that tells you how much electricity your body heat is producing.

The verdict is still out on the smartwatch itself, but the technology used to power this smartwatch seems like it may be useful in more wearable applications. Using the power of your body heat is probably not going to be ideal for every wearable but the option is there and it will be interesting to see the tech develop and grow.

What do you think of the Matrix PowerWatch and the technology its using to power itself? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 24, 2017.


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