Nearly 6,000 people banned from Pokémon Sun and Moon due to cheating


Cheating is part human nature, especially when playing video games because you want to either win every time, get the best gear/stats, or in this case uploading modded Pokémon with altered saved data. Just shy of 6,000 — 5,954 exactly — people have been banned from going online in Pokémon Sun and Moon for having messed around with their saved files in the game and uploading modded Pokémon.

By not being able to go online, banned users will be unable to use Game Sync, enter in Rating Battles and Battle Competitions, and participating in Global Missions. The ban was enforced as this activity is a violation of the user agreement. Some may be ok with that as the Global Missions have already failed twice or they don’t go online to battles against others. If a banned user does try to go online, they will receive the message: “The connection to the Pokémon Global Link from this saved data has been denied. (Error Code: 090-0212).”  For those that have already gotten a modded Pokémon by trading online, they aren’t being banned because they are not the ones who are performing the creation of illegal Pokémon in the game. Action is already being taken by The Pokémon Company on continuing this ban for those with altered files, but even if the company does figure out how to stop illegal Pokémon from being used, someone will eventually find another way around the measures put in place.

Have any of you folks out there playing Pokémon Sun and Moon had altered saved data to upload modded Pokémon? Shame on you if you have. But on a serious note, do you think that The Pokémon Company took made the right choice on banning those who have had altered saved data? Let us know by leaving your comments down below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on January 26, 2017.


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