New Boston Dynamics robot “Handle” outed on YouTube and it’s crazy


Boston Dynamics has a new project you weren’t supposed to see just yet and it’s pretty insane. This new wheeled robot is codenamed “Handle” and it can do some pretty insane things with two wheels and arms. Boston Dynamics was purchased by Alphabet awhile back but has yet to actually produce a consumer product. This has left Alphabet looking to offload the company as it says it cannot invest in something that takes ten or more years to bring to market. Handle is yet another concept in the Boston Dynamics arsenal and as impressive as it is, the application and saleability of it will probably hold it back.

The video below shows Handle in action and should start around 3:45, if it doesn’t, feel free to fast forward to that time signature. The uploader had blurred out the portions that are what you want to see but has since removed the blur. The uploader says there has been some “back and forth” over the video so they’re probably dealing with some sort of copyright or NDA claim at the moment. If the video is blurred or has been removed, you can hit the source link and watch The Verge’s quick screen capture of Handle in action.

Robotics are certainly one of the more intriguing technologies that are up-and-coming but as the uploader says, this is a bit “nightmare inducing.” Impressive yes, yet also very unnerving to imagine where robots will be in even just 10 or 15 years time. Combine these robotic innovations with up-and-coming AI developments and we could be creating a whole new mechanical race. It is amazing how science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact.

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Last Updated on February 2, 2017.


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