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Cortana will proactively remind you of commitments made via email

Cortana is able to handle these tasks via machine learning in partnership with Microsoft Research.

We’ve all done it: promised something in an email and then forgotten about it completely. More often than not it’s a simple inconvenience, but if you flake on something really important there can be repercussions. Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant is now able to notice commitments that you’ve made in your email and proactively remind you to help you honor those commitments.

Cortana is able to handle these tasks via machine learning in partnership with Microsoft Research. So the next time you promise your boss that you’ll have a report to them by the end of business on Friday, or you assure your wife that you won’t forget eggs at the store, Cortana can read and react in a few different ways. She will either simply create a suggested reminder (in the case of the shopping list and your eggs), or actually notify you prior to any given deadline (i.e. end of business on Friday) in order to give you some time to complete the task before its due date.

Cortana does all the work in the background making this helpful feature incredibly easy to use. To get started, simply send emails as you would normally and when you’ll do something, Cortana will recognize that and save the details in a suggested reminder for you. If you’ve specified a deadline in the email, Cortana will ping you before it’s due and save it in the action center. Other suggested reminders will be in the Cortana home. No need to copy her on the email or change how you do things today, she will adapt to you.

This feature is currently only available on and Office 365 work and school email addresses on Windows, though Microsoft promises that the ability will come to more email services as well as iOS and Android soon. Would you like Cortana to help you stay accountable to your commitments? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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