Analyst speculates Apple may ditch Lightning Port and embrace wireless charging

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Let’s start this off with the most obvious and clichéd disclaimer — take this “news” with a grain of salt. With that being said, yes you read that title right, there is speculation that Apple may do away with the Lightning Port. Apple bid farewell to the headphone jack in 2016 and told iPhone users that the future is wireless and they should embrace it. Wireless charging has been rumored to be coming to the new iPhone 8 but removing the Lightning Port wasn’t part of the deal. Some are pointing to Apple’s entry into the Wireless Power Consortium as proof that wireless charging is coming this year. This is what’s leading to the speculation that Apple will go all in and completely eliminate wires, removing the Lightning Port.

“They’ve done it before. They’ve been bold movers in changing features, and because of the loyalty to the Apple brand, people will embrace it; it wouldn’t surprise me,” Ruekert said.

The removal of the Lightning Port would mean wired headphone users would have to embrace wireless headphones with no choice, other than switching to Android. Removing the port would also mean that many users would have to carry a wireless charging pad with them in case they need to charge their iPhone. I guess that could kill the whole wall hugger movement.

Again, this is all speculation from an analyst or two trying to piece together Apple’s moves and predict where they’re going. The headphone jack removal was a major move and one that garnered a lot of backlash. I can’t imagine what the public reaction will be if the charging port is removed as well. There’s also rumor that we may find out sooner than later as Apple is ordering parts much earlier this year leading to speculation the new iPhone could be introduced in June at WWDC. We shall see if this rumor and speculation will hold any water.

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Last Updated on February 17, 2017.

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