Round two: Motorola’s Indiegogo “Transform the Smartphone” Moto Mods finalists


Just under a month ago, Motorola announced some of the Moto Mods finalists from their Indiegogo “Transform the Smartphone” campaign. At that time, only 12 developers had their campaigns live on Indiegogo, and now that number has grown to 39.

As mentioned in our previous write-up, finalists have received a Moto Mods Development Kit and a Moto Z to continue development. Motorola will announce up to 10 grand prize winners and, along with hackathon winners, will receive a trip to pitch their Moto Mods idea to Motorola’s executive development team in Chicago. Not only will finalists be pitching their ideas, they will receive mentoring and may even walk away with an investment from a $1 million fund for Moto Mods development set aside by Lenovo Capital.

Here are a few of our favourites from the newer campaigns, be sure to check out the original 12 campaigns, and hit the link at the bottom of the article for details on all the campaigns currently running.

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  • DigiFrameMod — DigiFrameMod is a second always on Moto Mod for your Moto Z series phones. It shows information which is needed to you at a glance. You don’t need to unlock or wake-up a phone anymore just to see what time it is or will it rain tomorrow. You’ll have it right there on the back of the phone. And you can stick it to your fridge as a note to your loved ones.
  • Physical Keyboard Mod for Moto Z — The Physical Keyboard Slider Mod utilizes “Moto Mods” platform and can turn your Moto Z Series Phone into a five-row QWERTY Slider with comfortable keys… Just like the old days.
  • INHALE: Air Made Visible, Personal, and Better — INHALE is the World’s First Smartphone Air Quality Sensor! Great for Health Enthusiasts and Families! Making Air Visible, Personal, and Better. INHALE takes real-time air quality data from your immediate environment in real-time and turns it into actionable recommendations to keep you healthy.
  • Sidepad Mod — We wanted to get closer than we’ve ever been to the phone of our dreams, so we built a game pad mod. The Sidepad Mod is a streamlined, full-featured game controller. We love playing games on our Motorola phones, but we desire a more accurate control pad. This can only be achieved through a direct connect to the phone.
  • Moto Z Mod Compatible Battery — Motorola made one of the most versatile phones with the Moto Z line. They removed the headphone jack, included Moto Turbo Charging, Moto Mod Platform, and a Shattershield screen on the Moto Z Force. While these are all great things, some things are missed, so we have made them available again. That’s right: Headphone Jack, Qi Wireless Charging, Extended Battery – all without losing the existing USB-C connection!
  • Barcode Sled Mod — Transform your Moto Z smartphone to a professional barcode data collection terminal for enterprise application like warehouse, inventory, retail, supermarket, ticket checking, and healthcare.
  • Simply Great Audio — Adapters suck. Get quality audio for your Motorola Moto Z at an affordable price in a sleek, elegant package.
  • BrailleMod — Selected by Motorola as a finalist, the MotoMod concept is to provide the starting point for the first integrated single character braille display and multiple character braille display for vision-impaired and blind users. The multiple character display matches the Project Ara Medium Endo dimensions and has a theoretical maximum of 110 characters and 108 characters, depending upon the orientation. Software goals include reading text messages and a custom lock screen interface.
  • Ultimate Remote Control Moto Mod — Control variety of your home appliances with Ultimate Remote Control Moto Mod attached to your Moto Z . Both infra-red (IR) and radio frequency (RF) transmissions are supported, such you can, e.g., control your HiFi, TV, lights and air-conditioning at the same time! Furthermore, the mod can be used for interaction with other radio-controlled systems as well, like garage doors or smart home systems. Wide compatibility is guaranteed as different protocols and modulations are supported.
  • HicsMod — With HicsMod you will be able to know anything about your living environment whether you’re indoor or outdoor (air quality, temperature, humidity, pollution, allergens, UV rays). And you can control it through sophisticated and precise sensors so you can rule all the world around you (lighting, air conditioner, home alarm). With the spread of HicsMod, all owners will enter into a “glocal community” and know the quality of any environment in the world so they can decide how to decide spend their time.
  • HiFi Audio Moto Mod Snap — Have you ever wanted to have the same audio quality from your HiFi receiver at home while on the go? With the HiFi Audio Snap you can enjoy high-quality listening to audio content on your Moto Z phone using standard headphones with 3.5mm jack or you can also connect it to the RCA/analog input from your HiFi receiver. For the audiophiles, you will be able to listen to DSD64 (DSF/DFF/PCM) files and other high-fidelity audio without the hassle of the need to connect an external USB DAC.

There’s definitely some cool concepts coming out of this campaign. If any of these catch your eye, head on over to Indiegogo and back them so they can become a reality. What do you think about some of the recently added Indiegogo “Transform the Smartphone” Moto Mods campaigns? Have you backed any? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on March 3, 2017.


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