Nissan begins testing driverless Nissan Leaf on London streets


Driverless cars are piquing the interests of just about every car manufacturer on the market, including the Nissan Motor Company. The company launched some testing of a modified Nissan Leaf on the streets of London, England. The week-long trial took the Nissan Leaf through what Nissan calls “a complex route” that included stop signs, dual carriageways, pedestrian crossings, and parking. The testing is expected to last for about a week and Nissan says there have been zero collisions and only a few instances where the driver had to take control of the vehicle to prevent an accident.

Nissan has gotten permission to conduct these tests from Transport for London as well as the City of London Police. Transport for London is the governing body that oversees the transportation infrastructure of London so this is all being done with government cooperation. This marks a first for a driverless car to be tested in this way on public thoroughfares in London.

“We believe that zero-emission vehicles are the ultimate solution for delivering a smarter, more sustainable future,” said Stuart Jackson from Nissan Europe. “We also believe that autonomous drive technologies will revolutionise the future of mobility, providing more safety, convenience and driving pleasure for everyone.”

Nissan is shooting for getting the driverless Nissan Leaf (or whatever car they choose or build for the project) ready to be used at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Driverless car technology is being heavily researched by not only major car companies but tech companies like Google and Apple have jumped in as well. While the technology is still in its infancy there is obviously a consensus among those with deep pockets that it’s worth investing in. It will be interesting to see where Nissan’s project ends up in 2020 and how the rest of the field will look as well.

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Last Updated on March 5, 2017.


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