VAUX Transforms your Amazon Echo Dot into a wireless speaker and assistant


If you’ve got an Amazon Echo Dot, you’re undoubtedly already aware of its capabilities. We all love Alexa, but the dot itself is pretty well stuck in one place ordinarily. Sure, you could order an Amazon Tap if you wanted your Echo hardware on the go. But what if, for less than the price of a Tap, you could add cordless use and an enhanced speaker to your Amazon Echo Dot? VAUX by Ninety7 is aiming to do just that as a battery-powered speaker and dock for your Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen).

Even if you don’t want to take your Dot on the road with you, VAUX will enhance your experience with an upgraded speaker. Its internal battery allows for the aforementioned portability. Carry your Dot with you around the house, asking Alexa questions, adding items to your to-do list, or just periodically asking about the weather conditions. With an estimated 6 hours of battery life, VAUX should work perfectly for the hours after work but before bed. Just plug in when you ask Alexa to set your alarm, and you’ll be ready for tomorrow.

A hidden power and aux cable connect to your Echo Dot.

There are definitely some areas of your house that are better for certain Alexa skills than others (7 Minute Workout just doesn’t work in my bedroom where my Echo Dot lives), but if I could easily move my Dot to a more suitable location, I might be more inclined to actually try it. Some people have multiple Echo Dots, or other Alexa-enabled hardware, but for those that are one-device households, VAUX offers an enticing set of abilities.

VAUX is available for pre-order now, with an estimated shipping date in early April. I mentioned the price was less than an Amazon Tap right? I meant the price of the Amazon Echo Dot + VAUX is still less than an Amazon Tap. You can pre-order VAUX for only $49.99 at the source link below. You can read more about VAUX in the full press release just below that.

Front and back of the VAUX speaker.

What do you think about VAUX? Do you want to make your Echo Dot wireless? Or do you just want to beef up its speaker? Tell us how you’d use VAUX in the comment section or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Full Press Release

Unleash the power of Alexa and the Amazon Echo Dot with VAUX

First battery-powered speaker allows users to transform their Dot into
a cordless, robust sound system and home-command center

Palo Alto, CA, March 8, 2017 – Amazon’s Alexa and Echo Dot have made the potential for a “digital assistant,” a reality in every consumer’s home. To help elevate the Dot’s home automation capabilities, Ninety7, a technology lifestyle company, today announced VAUX – the first battery-powered speaker for the Amazon Echo Dot (second generation). VAUX allows users to “set their Dot free,” and enjoy portability and increased audio quality in a modern, stylish design.

Available for $49 pre-order at, VAUX will ship to consumers in early April 2017 featuring:

A powerful speaker that enriches the audio quality of the Amazon Echo Dot. Whether listening to music or an audio book, or asking Alexa questions, VAUX enhances the sound quality and performance of the Dot, for a richer user experience. Additionally, users can connect their mobile devices or tablets via a 3.5mm jack and instantly use VAUX to upgrade their Dot to a portable sound system.

Portability. Users can now unleash the functionality of the Dot beyond the reach of the power cable – because, after all, we move around our homes. With a rechargeable battery, VAUX creates a companion home-command center as portable as your cell phone: order pizza from Dominos in the kitchen; grab the VAUX and listen to an audio book in the bath before heading to bed, set the alarm and request your favorite music to help you sleep.

Style. As an integral part of the user’s home, VAUX was created with both aesthetics and utility in mind. Ninety7 believes that there should be no distinction between electronics and décor –VAUX complements its environment, visually and functionally.

VAUX is an easy and affordable way to make the Amazon Dot even more powerful and ubiquitous in the home. VAUX is fast to set up and simple to use – it securely holds the Amazon Dot creating a sophisticated home -command center for less than $50. With an average of 6 hours of “cordless use,” VAUX creates the right environment for extended periods of productivity, relaxation, discovery and entertainment.

About Ninety7
Ninety7 is a lifestyle company creating technology products that enhance the user’s everyday life through unsurpassed design, function and quality. We believe in setting a new bar and redefining what technology accessories can be. We make accessories that make products better. 1+1=3. More information about Ninety7 is available at


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