dodocool Lightning/Micro-USB/USB C cable review: A multifaceted cable solution

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Multi-use cables are becoming more popular these days as more people use different types of devices that may require different connections. Cables like the dodocool Lightning/Micro-USB/USB C cable not only can serve a user with multiple devices. It can also serve as a lifeline to someone who might need to borrow that user’s 3-in-1 cable. Read on for our review of the dodocool Lightning/Micro-USB/USB C cable.


  • Micro-USB connector
  • Lightning connector
  • USB-C connector
  • Fast charging and syncing

What’s In The Box

  • dodocool Lightning/Micro-USB/USB C cable
  • Instruction manual


Not much to look at with this cable, it’s a standard data cable build with nothing premium at all about it. It would have been nice to see a braided design here but at this price it’s pretty much going to be bare bones. One end is USB-A and the opposite end is Micro-USB with two dongle arms hanging off of it. Those dongles are your USB-C and Lightning connectors. Overall just your standard cable, nothing special and nothing to write home about.

Ease of Use

Plug and play use case here. Very simple to use no issues at all.


The dodocool Lightning/Micro-USB/USB C cable charges as it should and does take advantage of “fast charging” though I don’t think it’s the same as Qualcomm’s Quick Charge system. Data transfer is average and performance is average. Everything functions through all three connections as it should without any problems.

dodocool Lightning


The MSRP on this cable is $15.99USD which is an average price for such a cable. You can get it on Amazon right now for $11.99USD which is a much better deal but dodocool has also supplied our readers with a coupon code you can use at checkout. Just use coupon code C55IZJDG at checkout and get 25% off the price bringing it down to $8.99USD which is a really great deal for this particular cable.

Wrap Up

This is just your basic cable with the advantage of having three different connectors. At the coupon code pricing, it’s worth picking up if you are in need of such a cable. It performs like any other average cable in its basic way.

*Supplied coupon code subject to expiration without notice.
*We were sent a sample of the dodocool Lightning/Micro-USB/USB-C cable for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on March 25, 2017.

dodocool Lightning/Micro-USB/USB C Cable

$15.99 USD



Ease of Use






Nailed it

  • Multi-use aspect
  • Affordable

Needs work

  • Average build quality
  • Short
dodocool Lightning

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