Uvolt Watch: Use clean energy to charge your smartphone

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One of the most debated topics on the internet (at least among techies) is whether or not smartwatches are doing well. While companies like Apple, Samsung, LG and Huawei are busy making their next smartwatch, one company is thinking different. Instead of building a smartwatch, Uvolt is building an analog watch that harnesses clean energy to power the smartphone in your pocket. The Uvolt watch is certainly not a smartwatch but what it does do is harness clean energy from the sun, stores it in a removable battery that can be used to juice up your smartphone on the go.

Usage Cycle

The Uvolt watch is equipped with a solar panel that passively captures energy from the sun. That energy is then stored inside a removable, compact power reserve. Under ideal light conditions, the watch’s power reserve can reach its full capacity within a day.

Low battery? The power reserve can be pulled out from the watch to begin charging a mobile device. Fully loaded, the watch will charge around 30% of a smartphone.

For people who want to start their day with a full charge, the watch comes with a wireless charging dock. Simply place the watch on the dock and it will fully charge in under 30 minutes. To save energy, the dock only uses power when a device is placed on it, and automatically turns off when the watch reaches full charge.


The Uvolt Watch is a mechanical design with precision timekeeping. The solar panel covers the entire face, and its capacity is enhanced by a thin sheet of anti-reflective mineral glass and slim hands of the watch. A custom circuit handles the electrical flow of the watch and the power reserve is a high density lithium-ion battery.

The reserve has an integrated lightning port for Apple devices or micro-usb B and C for Android devices. Or if preferred by the user, it goes wireless for Androids. The charging wire tucks inside the power reserve so it’s virtually impossible to forget or lose. At the bottom sits the wireless receiver for inductive charging through the included dock. It all fits in a durable aluminum body, available in black, white, silver or rose gold.

The watch band is equipped with additional batteries to maximize capacity, allowing a second charge after the power reserve has been depleted. To achieve this, a custom hinge was developed that enables the current to go go back and forth within the body of the watch. An LED indicator displays the battery level, when triggered.


  • Dimensions: 40x52x14mm
  • Weight: 110g with power reserve
  • Total battery capacity: 600mah
  • Main power reserve: Li-Po 3,7 Vdc, 300mah et 37 mah, 37x37x5mm, 20g
  • Solar: 105 mw, 5v output
  • Materials: Aluminum; anti-reflective mineral glass
  • Styles: Black, white, silver, rose gold
  • Pricing: $119, $129 and $139 on Kickstarter, $199 at retail

It’s an interesting device for sure and probably not up everyone’s alley. If you want to find out more hit the link below to check out the Kickstarter page. What do you think of the Uvolt Watch? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on March 29, 2017.

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