Macs now support Pascal generation NVIDIA video cards


As of today, Pascal generation NVIDIA video cards are supported on Macs. That’s right folk, Apple has finally added support for NVIDIA’s latest and greatest starting with the newly announced TITAN Xp. Worry not those of you with older Pascal cards, support for them will come later in the month.

For most Macs, there isn’t room for upgrades. What you buy is what you get, but the Mac Pro does allow users to add a dedicated graphics card. While Apple has favored AMD GPUs in the past, Mac users can now use NVIDIA cards to push high-end video or complex graphics. Of course, it’s not limited to the Mac Pro. Hackintosh builders will be able to take full advantage of the support as well. While gaming is limited on macOS, the support will likely boost whatever gaming Mac users do happen to do.

Given the timing of Project Scorpio’s specs dropping today, and Apple’s push to boost the Mac Pro in 2018, the timing of this announcement was most likely planned. While it’s likely Apple will still push AMD GPUs, adding NVIDIA support will likely boost sales of the yet-to-be announced, and probably expandable, Mac Pro next year. Of course, only time will tell just exactly what Apple has in store with the new Mac Pro, but it’ll be nice for people to have options.

Are you a Mac user? Also a fan of NVIDIA’s Pascal generation cards? Will you be taking advantage of this newly added support? Let us know on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook or you can drop us a line in the comments below.

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