Crazy color night vision camera has an effective ISO range of 5,000,000 and incredible image


A good night vision camera is an invaluable asset to any military or police force and even consumers. A night vision camera can be used for surveillance and security whenever those needs may arise. Most night vision cameras I’ve seen are pretty decent performers but most lack an HD clarity and color. The x27 takes night vision cameras to a new level with an effective ISO range of 5,000,000 and full-color HD images. Check out some of the videos below to see this amazing night vision camera in action.

The X27 is the highest performing true gen 4 color night vision low light sensor imaging system. The low noise real time 60hz HD detector is the first of its kind breakthrough technology that offers day like imagery in the darkest of environments. The X27 color low light camera images from 390 to 1.2 Um and sees IR military spot lasers. The Sensitivity outperforms the latest image intensified tube night vision technology and does so in full color. The X27 is available in handheld imaging systems and camera core engines for integration into military grade day/night imaging systems. The X27 is a universal broadband ultra extreme sensitive day night vision true real time imaging system ideal for ground, marine, and airborne applications.

Cameras like these could be extremely useful in many military applications but also offer increased security for some businesses. Of course, new technology like this does bring up the subject of increased monitoring by the government. All of the aforementioned and use cases are entirely feasible and likely will be implemented. One would hope the government wouldn’t overstep the bounds of privacy with this type of technology but we do know how that often plays out. Regardless of potential misuse of this new tech, it’s still pretty amazing they’ve been able to get so much clarity out of a camera in starlight conditions.

What do you think of the x27 and color night vision? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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