Marvel drops Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer — prepare for Hela

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Holy smokes! Marvel has decidedly won me back to its side (for the time being) after that crazy Entertainment Weekly cover photo. I will say I’m not overly impressed with Marvel’s graphics choices throughout this teaser trailer but one word, Hela. I have to admit that I completely glossed over our own article just on that cover photo alone. After watching this teaser trailer and seeing Hela in action, I’m as pumped as one can get over a teaser. If you’re unsure who Hela is, here’s the explanation from Marvel’s Wiki.

Hela was born ages ago to the being who would one day be called Loki and the sorceress giantess Angrboda. On the day of her maturity, Odin appointed her goddess and ruler of the northernmost realms of the dead. Her special dominion was over the souls of all who did not die in battle, while Odin himself built the palace Valhalla to house the souls of all of those who died as heroes. In recent years, when Odin’s attention had strayed from the maintenance of Valhalla, Hela tried to annex that realm to her own, hoping to consolidate her power over all Asgard’s dead.

Eventually, Odin grew aware of her ambitions and opposed them. In the course of battle, Odin’s band of Valkyrior, the custodians of Valhalla, lost their physical forms, no longer able to travel from Valhalla except in their wraith-like astral forms. Hela gave up her contest for Valhalla when Odin vowed to keep better watch over it in future, and she returned to her realms. Although Hela’s province is over Asgard’s dead, she has occasionally formed alliances with other death gods, including Pluto (Olympian god of death), and has held court with many rulers of demonic realms such as Blackheart, Dormammu, Mephisto, and Satannish.

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Last Updated on April 10, 2017.


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