[Speculation] Could Apple be killing off the Apple iTunes brand name?

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Apple iTunes: the name strikes fear into many Windows (and Mac) users just at the thought of it. Over the years Apple iTunes has garnered a reputation as being slow, clunky, and frustrating software. Apple had been building their music empire around iTunes but that seemed to take a step back with Apple Music. Now the company seems to be re-branding another popular piece of software, their Podcast app. The iTunes Podcast app is now known as Apple Podcasts and this could be leading to a re-branding of Apple’s music offerings (purely speculation).

Now that Apple Music has been unleashed and has been gaining users in the streaming space, it seems Apple may be happy with re-branding. The iOS App Store has no mention of iTunes, the macOS App Store also has no mention of iTunes, (although they both sync with iTunes). So perhaps the software that many people despise is being re-envisioned and re-worked to fit more directly into Apple Music and Apple Podcasts type branding?

As an Apple Music user, one thing I do know I’d love to have is a web-based streaming player, like Spotify has. I’d rather stream Apple Music from my desktop through my browser rather than having to install software that I don’t use except to stream Apple Music. Please keep in mind, all of this is pure speculation on my part based on Steve Wilson’s Tweet so none of this could even be remotely correct.

While I admit to speculating, that doesn’t mean killing off the wretched software is a bad idea. I’m hoping that what I’m saying actually happens, it may not, we don’t know. I do know there are plenty of other people out there ready for a re-branding and re-working of Apple’s desktop music playing software. Give us a web player Apple!

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Last Updated on April 13, 2017.

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