Dual-camera prototype Samsung Galaxy S8+ shows up on Twitter

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The dual-camera craze seems to be hitting several smartphone manufacturers including Apple and Huawei. One company that hasn’t put a dual-camera on its flagship phone is Samsung. That doesn’t mean the company hasn’t experimented with a dual-camera setup though, at least according to one Tweet. In the Tweet below you can see a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with dual-cameras. This is apparently a prototype and Samsung has been forthright in the past that they have experimented with the idea. The reason the company has yet to incorporate dual-cameras is they found no value in two cameras on a smartphone.

Both Apple and Huawei use dual-cameras for depth of field trickery and for the most part, they both work fairly well. Samsung is probably experimenting with the same concepts but likely aren’t satisfied with the results they’re seeing.

It is no secret that Samsung experimented with a dual-camera setup for its Galaxy S8 smartphone generation. The company told our own Dan Seifert as much during its preview event for the S8 in South Korea last month. Company execs told Dan that they didn’t pursue the dual-camera route because “Samsung has not found real value for it yet.”

What’s more eye-opening for us here is the fact that Samsung could have put that oddly placed fingerprint (on the new S8) sensor elsewhere. The consensus across most of the early reviews is the current placement of the fingerprint sensor is awkward and inconvenient, my unit should be here soon so I’ll most certainly have an opinion soon. It will be interesting to see if Samsung eventually embraces dual-camera technology or simply just dismisses it.

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Last Updated on April 17, 2017.


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