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Coffee: it’s the lifeblood of many people. From doctors and scientists to artists and tech geeks, coffee is one of the common threads between many people. The Ripple Maker is a pretty cool new coffee machine that prints any image or message right on the foam top of a cup of coffee. It’s actually really cool and probably not intended for regular consumers (price tag $1,500USD) but for coffee shops who might want to add a little flair to their cups of joe. Read the full press release below, while it’s something you probably won’t be buying any time soon, it is a pretty nifty gadget.


New Ripple Maker Optimized For Nitro Cold Brew To Create Personal Coffee Experiences For Growing Beverage Trend

RipplesTM enters partnership with JoeTap to facilitate wider use of printing technology to allow any image or message to be shared instantly on coffee beverages

SEATTLE, April 21, 2017 – RipplesTM, the innovative IoT company behind the Ripple MakerTM, a revolutionary device that produces ANY image or message (known as a ripple) onto a foam topped coffee has unveiled the latest version of its device optimized for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. In addition, Ripples has announced a partnership with JoeTap, one of the pioneers of the Nitro trend and leader in on-demand Nitro Cold Brew, to bring best practices in the delivery of Nitro coffee to coffee serving establishments.

The Ripple Maker combines two of the biggest trends in coffee, Nitro cold brew drinks, and custom coffee art. It turns ordinary coffee routines into amazing social experiences, allowing any business serving coffee to create extraordinary moments of engagement with customers that drive revenue and loyalty.

Each ripple is created using a tiny amount of coffee extract, stored within a Ripple PodTM located inside the Ripple Maker. The high-resolution images, created in a matter of seconds, enrich the coffee experience with gorgeous graphics, inspiring statements, clever commentary, and personalized messages.

The Ripple Maker’s new functionality developed for Nitro drinks is being unveiled at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo and demonstrated at the Ripples booth #2436, alongside JoeTap’s barista countertop Nitro dispenser with an integrated nitrogen generator.

“Already deployed in hundreds of stores, hotels, and lounges the Ripple Maker has been delivering a proven increase in customer engagement and sales,” said Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Ripples. “Thanks to our new Ripple Maker optimized for Nitro and our partnership with JoeTap, we are excited to offer even broader consumer reach and social media opportunities to our customers looking to differentiate themselves through creative content.”

“Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is already the biggest trend leading the coffee industry. Our partnership with RipplesTM adds even more opportunity for businesses looking to add a new layer of fun and surprise for their customers, as well as introduce a unique touch of personalization to each Nitro cup served,” explains Charley Kleinrichert, founder and President of AC Beverage, who developed JoeTap. “We brew, tap and pour, but now we are looking forward to the brew, tap, pour and ripple!”

The Ripple Maker requires no special training, is small and convenient, and adds mere seconds to the coffee delivery process. Its intuitive display makes it simple for baristas to browse through existing Ripples content arranged by themes (greetings, smart quotes, coffee humor, etc.). The accompanying Coffee Ripples App also allows customers to browse through the catalog or send their own images, photos or messages to the establishment’s Ripple Maker for printing.

Priced at $1500, the Ripple Maker is available to commercial establishments with flexible subscriptions starting at $100 per month, paid annually providing owners with Ripple Pods, operating service, customer support, free software updates, as well as access to Ripples’ content platform and themes.

Key elements of the Ripple Maker include:

  • The Ripple Maker – a Wi-Fi enabled device that neatly fits onto countertop with a small 8.5” x 10.5” footprint
  • Creates high-quality images or messages on foam topped drinks using pods filled with coffee extract
  • Each ripple is created with of coffee-based extract, made from a high-quality mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans
  • Adjusts automatically to a wide range of coffee cups up to 7” high and 4.5” wide, to produce ripples that fit the diameter of the selected cup
  • Each ripple prints in just a few seconds
  • Ripples’ content library has hundreds of images and messages to choose from; new images constantly uploaded in real-time to the cloud

With the free Coffee Ripples App, coffee lovers and customers of coffee establishments can:

  • Browse Ripples’ content dynamic library
  • Submit and send their own image, photo, design or message to a local Ripple Maker to print
  • Edit, scale, filter and even add text to ripples
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Last Updated on April 21, 2017.

Ripple Maker

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