Sergey Brin is building a giant airship in Alphabet’s Hangar 2

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With great power comes… a crap ton of money and the ability to build your own freaking airship. At least that’s what it seems Sergey Brin is doing in Hangar 2 out at the old NASA Ames Research Center. Sergey Brin needs an airship, for what reason is unclear. Bloomberg claims four people familiar with the project say it’s been given the green light. It also seems Sergey Brin was contacted about the airship project and had the following response via email.

“Sorry, I don’t have anything to say about this topic right now.”

The people familiar with the project said Brin has long been fascinated by airships. His interest in the crafts started when Brin would visit Ames, which is located next to Google parent Alphabet Inc.’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. In the 1930s, Ames was home to the USS Macon, a huge airship built by the U.S. Navy. About three years ago, Brin decided to build one of his own after ogling old photos of the Macon.

Alphabet took over the Ames facility and has made it into a research facility for the variety of projects the company works on. The Brin airship is one of them and insiders claim the skeleton of the craft has been completed.

Alan Weston, the former director of programs at NASA Ames, is leading Brin’s airship project, according to the people, who asked not to be named discussing the secretive plans. Weston didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Nothing is really clear about this whole project at the moment. We don’t know if this is a business venture of some sort or just a personal hobby type thing. Brin and Weston’s tight lips at least confirm something may be being worked on in Hangar 2. Guess we’ll find out at some point in the future just what it is and what it’s for.

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Last Updated on April 26, 2017.

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