Nintendo announces the new 2DS XL with an improved design, budget friendly price


Are you still trying to get a Nintendo Switch from retailers, but aren’t having any luck? Are you also looking into possibly getting the new 3DS XL, but don’t appreciate the price and 3D effects? Well, if you were leaning more towards the latter, maybe take a look at the new (and improved) 2DS XL.

In design terms of the outside, the 2DS looks like its older brother the 3DS, but when opened up, you’ll see some differences and some similarities. For instance, the bottom half of the device looks much like the 3DS and even adds in the C-Stick and ZL/ZR buttons like the 3DS. As for the upper half, the screen size comes in at 4.88 inches (same as 3DS), but there’s a lack of front facing speakers, which will be on the bottom of the 2DS. The centerpiece is home to the camera which is a weird place to put it, but hey, Nintendo may have enjoyed this spot the best for this new handheld system. A 4GB microSDHC card will be included to save heavy game files and whatnot, an AC adapter will be included in the box with the new 2DS, and it’ll have a built-in NFC reader for those that still use Amiibos.

Two new games will also be released on July 28th when the new 2DS XL comes out here in the states: Hey! PIKMIN, and Miitopia, an RPG-like game with the Mii’s you’ve created. The price for this unit will be $150USD, a bump up from $80USD when the first 2DS came out back in 2013. While the price is ok, it’s not much off from the current 3DS pricing of $200. The color option for the US will be black/blue and it looks pretty sleek. Supposedly, Japan will be getting a white/orange version. That’ll be pretty cool to have.

I like the design of the 2DS XL, mainly because it reminds me of my 3DS XL, but that’s just me. What are your guy’s thoughts about the new 2DS XL? Do you plan on getting one for yourself or your youngling? Let us know by leaving your comments down below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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