Mac users beware of Dok Malware, it will take control of your system

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It used to be that malware, viruses, and bugs, in general were nearly non-existent on Macs. These days, not so much. With more Mac users out in the wild, it makes sense the bad guys are now targeting Macs. Dok Malware is the latest malware strain to hit the Mac and it’s a nasty one. Dok Malware has the ability to completely take control of your Mac and everything on it. The official name for Dok Malware is OSX/Dok and it will go after every version of macOS.

According to security firm Checkpoint, OSX/Dok cannot be detected by security software at this time. OSX/Dok also comes with a signed and legitimate verified developer certificate from Apple making it even more dangerous. Once the malware is installed on the system, it has total control over the entire system including secure connections. Once the thieves have what they came for, OSX/Dok deletes itself from the system leaving no trace it was there

While Dok Malware is certainly something to be very concerned about, there is hope. The malware is delivered via email message in a zip file so your first line of defense is to delete suspicious unknown emails. Opening any attachment from an unknown source is always opening yourself up to attack on any operating system. So long as you’ve not opened any zip files recently, you should be pretty safe. The other bit of good news, for U.S. users anyway, is so far, this has only been happening in Europe. That’s not to say it won’t show up Stateside but at least now you know what to watch for.

For those who think they may be infected with Dok Malware, iMore has a detailed removal process so be sure to check that out. Checkpoint also has a detailed write up showing how to discern if you have been infected.

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