Four ways to manage bandwidth limits for your business

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Managing the limited internet bandwidth of your business can really be a hard task. The internet is filled with tons of information; one can find related and useful information from videos, blogs, social media, and other sources. It is virtually infinite, and without proper precautions and policies, a business may use up their entire month’s worth of bandwidth in just a single day.

In order to save costs from internet subscription dues, and also assure that employees stay on track during working hours, a lot of businesses have practiced applying bandwidth limits to their business. By limiting their internet use, the whole company workforce will be more conscious and prudent when it comes to using the internet. They will be forced to only access important and related websites or even limit their searches to those sites with less amount of data needed.

While this is generally advantageous, it can sometimes become a hindrance or cause of slow productivity or unhappy employees. With limited access, some employees will find it hard to research on the internet. Remember that not all employees are enthusiastic and resourceful; there will be a few bad eggs that will perform poorly if restrained. There will also be employees that will be unhappy with such restrictions and might not perform as expected. In order to avoid or lessen the chances of these things happening, we have provided 4 simple ways to manage your bandwidth limit for your business below;

Monitor internet activity

Monitoring and supervising is always the best method to keep things in check. That is why, even on the internet, you should still keep track and monitor your employees’ use of internet bandwidth. In order to properly manage your limited bandwidth, you need to determine the internet usage of your employees. Try to categorize the employees who are good in maximizing the internet bandwidth and those that are doing poorly. By studying both categories, try to come up with new strategies and policies that will help those who are doing bad or even improve those who are already doing good.

There are many software programs that provide internet controlling plus other benefits and features. Find the right software that will suit your needs and type of business.


Determine how much data you need

Having an estimate of the amount of data your business needs within a set period of time will save a lot of costs in the form of savings from internet services. Try to study the internet activity of your business and come up with a detailed budget plan that you will implement alongside with your whole workforce. This way, you will not just be able to save from expenses but also maximize your employees’ working hours.

Give and take

Too many restrictions and limits can cause low morale and even over fatigue to your employees. It is always better to give them access to social networking sites and other fun but safe sites for them to enjoy and connect with their friends during break time. After all, you would want your employees to work at peak form, thus, giving them time to rest and recover during break times are very important and useful.

Filter and block websites

With limited bandwidth, it is best for your business to filter and block useless and heavy websites from your internet access. By doing so will assure that your employees won’t be able to accidentally access them, especially those tricky websites wherein small miss clicks can lead you to them.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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