Five tips to using Excel to increase the productivity of your business

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Increasing the productivity of a business is beneficial to both an employee and business owner. It can mean promotion, efficient workflow, or an increase in sales. Either way, increasing productivity must be a goal of every business.

One of the most useful office tools every business owner can use is Microsoft Excel. However, many do not use Microsoft Excel functions to its full extent. We never try new functions which are why we keep doing the same things the same way. In order to increase the productivity of your business, it is the time all that changed.

1. Freeze highlighted panes

No one wants to scroll up and down, looking or entering the correct data in a spreadsheet. It is always useful to freeze rows or columns when you already have a large table of data in Excel. This Excel function is extremely important in any spreadsheet especially when data are already entered further down the page and you want the cells to remain visible. It definitely helps when you are comparing figures throughout the spreadsheet. In order to do that, simply select the rows or columns you want to freeze, and then click the View Tab on the Ribbon. Then, select the Freeze Panes from the drop-down menu. You will determine if the cell/s is already frozen as it is indicated by a gray line.

2. Use the AutoSum function

This is the most common function used in Excel. This is widely used in spreadsheets, especially when it comes to summing up sales or other figures. Just highlight the cells in the spreadsheet and press ALT plus +.

Use those keyboard shortcuts!

3. Utilize the Keyboard Shortcuts

Technology has made us love fast and efficient service. So even when working on an Excel spreadsheet, we will always find ways to make our lives easier. Utilize the keyboard shortcuts in this tool. Some examples would be F7 for Spell Check, Alt + Shift + F1 to insert a New Worksheet, Ctrl + Space to select the entire column, Shift + Space to select the entire row, and much more.

4. Create Pivot Tables

This is probably the most and best function in Excel that will make your life easier. It sounds a bit more complicated than the previous ones but with practice, you can learn and benefit a lot by using this function. With this function, you will be able to get any raw data in any form, organize it, and sort it into tables. This sounds wonderful, especially when you use Excel for stronger data analysis.

5. Customize the name and color of the Sheet page

If your spreadsheet has multiple pages, renaming the sheet page and changing its color can be very helpful. It will be much easier to go through the pages within the Excel Spreadsheet. In order to do this, all you need to do is right-click the specific sheet number, select Rename. To change the color, right click again and hover on Tab Color to select the color of your preference.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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