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I love a good smoothie and admittedly there are plenty of blenders and other devices that make great smoothies. The folks at Millo think they’ve come up with a better smoothie maker and they’re trying to Kickstart the project now. One of the most intriguing things about the Millo smoothie maker is just how quiet it seems to be. Check out the video below and read the press release then hit the link at the end if you’re interested in backing this project.

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Increasingly busy lifestyles are more and more common. Devices and apps are adapting to us. Time trackers work automatically using GPS. Smart coffee machines brew us a cup before our alarm goes off. Blenders, however? Still large and noisy machines with a plethora of buttons you won’t ever use.

Millo is smart

It is the first blender ever to adapt to your lifestyle with its fast and silent user experience housed in a minimal design.

Smart doesn’t merely mean an ability to connect to other devices via some sort of signal. It means solved age-old problems, adaptation to your needs and ease of use. All of this is achieved using innovative technology.

Air Drive
Replaces nearly every part that causes friction in usual blenders. Less friction means you have less wasted energy, less heat and less noise. The noise comparison test have revealed astonishing results – Millo is 4 times quieter than other popular blenders.

Smart Lid
Smart Lid remembers your own blending preferences and automatically tracks your activity. Its ergonomic design makes washing possible in seconds.

Smoothie Replay
An industry-first ability to record the way you blend and replay it later to give you the same perfect result every single time.

Who uses wires, anyway? Forget the cables and feel the freedom to take Millo with you anywhere you go. On a business trip, at a picnic or elsewhere. Healthy nutrition is with you.

Mobile App
Ensures that you have the most control over your blender. Ever. From customizing every single blending setting, to recording these settings and sharing them, to setting up the defaults for quick use.

Timeless design
A look that will fit in nearly any interior and, at the same time, get out of your way unlike any other blender on the market.

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Last Updated on May 10, 2017.


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