[Rumor] Next gen Intel processors might be coming soon


We all know Intel because of their processors being in laptops and desktops for many many years. And if you don’t know Intel because you’ve been stuck in the AMD processing world, then here’s your chance to find out some possibly new information about Intel’s next generation processors. With there possibly being new processors from said company, there’s one in this group that may catch some people’s attention. We’re all used to seeing i3, i5, and i7 CPUs in computers, but what about an i9 CPU? Thanks to a leak this could be a new addition to the Intel Core family using the LGA-2066 architecture.

A post on Anandtech forums from a user named “Sweepr” may shine some light for some enthusiasts who are looking for the next big CPU for their computer or computers. The next generation processors fall under the code name Basin Falls and will have variants for Kaby Lake and Skylake, while the lower end version will be Kaby Lake. The picture below (if true) shows the processor number along with a few more good bits like thread count, clocking, supported memory, and a launch date.


Unfortunately, the photo is blurry, but the good thing is people have good eyes and Sweepr was able to post the specs of each of the six new processors.

  • Core i7-7640K
    • 4C/4T
    • 6MB L3
    • 16 PCIe Lanes
    • 4.0Ghz Base
    • 4.2Ghz Turbo 2.0
  • Core i7-7740K 
    • 4C/8T
    • 8MB L3
    • 16 PCIe Lanes
    • 4.3Ghz Base
    • 4.5Ghz Turbo 2.0
  • Core i9-7800X
    • 6C/12T
    • 8.25MB L3
    • 28 PCIe Lanes
    • 3.5Ghz Base
    • 4.0Ghz Turbo 2.0
  • Core i9-7820X
    • 8C/16T
    • 11MB L3
    • 28 PCIe Lanes
    • 3.6Ghz Base
    • 4.3Ghz Turbo 2.0
    • 4.5Ghz Turbo 3.0
  • Core i9-7900X
    • 10C/20T
    • 13.75MB L3
    • 44 PCIe Lanes
    • 3.3Ghz Base
    • 4.3Ghz Turbo 2.0
    • 4.5Ghz Turbo 3.0
  • Core i9-7920X
    • 12C/24T
    • 16.5MB L3
    • 44 PCIe lanes
    • Clocks TBD (August Launch)

Five out of the six new processors may be launching next month, while one is launching in August at some point. Also, there aren’t any details on what the price will be for these guys, but if anything, we’ll most likely be hearing something soon with June being not too far away. What are your thoughts about Intel’s new processors? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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