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Wink Bar connected handlebar hopes to revolutionize everyday cycling


The Wink Bar includes integrated headlights, navigation and call notifications, and theft alerts and tracking.

It seems like everything is getting connected these days and bikes are no exception. Velco, a company founded by three cycling enthusiasts, has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Wink Bar connected handlebar.

Available in two models, Flat and Urban, Wink Bar looks to address three main problems cyclists face:

  • Road safety – integrated 225-lumen headlights, which switch on automatically once it becomes dark, making you more visible, especially at night
  • Navigation – the handlebars connect to an app and once you’ve set a destination, two separate lights will navigate you providing left, right, forward and backward signals, directing you on your route, as well as letting you know if you’re receiving an incoming call or message
  • Risk of theft – Wink will notify you when your bike is moved without your knowledge, and if it’s ridden without unlocking, Wink will sound a loud alarm. Should your bike be stolen, it will automatically be tracked, so you can locate it and alert the authorities

The Wink Bar Flat model.

The included phone app allows you to unlock Wink Bar and the bar can also be unlocked with an RFID VelcoTag fob on each handelbar.

“We created the Wink Bar to give cyclists the ability to make their bike rides safer and smarter. Rather than something you have to attach to your bike, we wanted to make it an integrated part of the bike’s design,” says Johnny Smith, CMO at Velco. “That way, the alarm is always protecting your bike, our inbuilt navigation tool, VelcoNav, is always there to guide you, and the headlights are there to keep you safe on the road. We’re so pleased to finally be launching the Wink Bar, and see it revolutionize the way riders from around the world cycle.”

Other features of Wink Bar include always-online tracking, ride history tracking, breakdowns of distance and duration travelled, calories burnt, and the amount of money saved by cycling instead of driving.


Wink Bar Urban model in black (also available in silver).

Tech specifications of the Wink Bar include:

  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • 4 band GSM for worldwide coverage
  • Comes with a special offer: a FREE worldwide data plan
  • Automatic 225-lumen ultra-bright headlights
  • Alarm volume at 91 decibels
  • A robust 1800 mAh battery, for approx. 3 weeks of life
  • Available in two models:
  • Flat and Urban for any bike model, both made from high-grade aluminum
  • Available in 2 colors: Black and Silver
  • Bluetooth 4.2 low energy connectivity
  • +200g weight

Check out the launch video below:

The Indiegogo campaign with its $40,000 flex goal will run for the next month with delivery expected in September. With a retail price of $264USD, there are 100 Super Early Bird perks for $149, and once those are gone you can still save with the Early Bird price of $174 or the Indiegogo price of $194. All purchases include a free data plan for life, 1 charging wire, 1 Wink Bar battery, and your choice of the Urban or Flat Wink Bar.

What do you think about the Velco Wink Bar? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook, and hit up the link below if you’re interested in finding out more and backing the project.

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