Three ways to use Microsoft Office to stay organized at home

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We all struggle to keep clutter at bay in our own homes. This is a day-to-day problem that all people face that needs a quick solution. A lot of us want to keep our own homes organized as much as possible. It is not just about making our houses look beautiful, but also because an organized home can make our lives more functional.

Speaking of which, nowadays, we use Microsoft Office at work, at school, and even at home, on a daily basis. It has become a vital tool for us to make our work faster and increase our productivity. It is also a great tool to stay organized.

Here are three ways on how to use Microsoft Office to stay organized at home.

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1. Use Microsoft Outlook for Calendaring and Scheduling

If you are someone who has to deal with a lot of tasks or events on a daily basis, Microsoft Outlook Calendar would be a great tool to manage and search your email, calendar, and keep up with everything even while at home. With Outlook Calendar, you can easily switch between day, week, or month views. Customize your calendar according to your preference on when to start the day or time of the week. There’s this feature called Group Schedules in Outlook that is beneficial to people who need to be connected with a number of individuals. This feature will enable you to view and schedule meetings to a specified group. If you are interested in having Microsoft Office, here’s a good place where you can buy it:

2. Create a Budget Spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel.

One way of making things organized at home is to establish a personal budget spreadsheet so you can keep track of your expenses. If done correctly, it not only makes you more aware of your spending, but it can also be fun. Creating a budget spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel is a simple way to keep track of your money without having to purchase another budgeting software. It doesn’t have to be a complex spreadsheet. You can create a simple budget summary with only a formula or two that would be a good start. But if you want to go with more complex spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel definitely has a range of tools that can help you.

3. Organize your notes with Microsoft OneNote.

This application is by far one of the best made by Microsoft. OneNote is basically a note taking program which allows you to collect typed or handwritten notes, doodles, screen clips, audio, and video recordings. Depending on your preferences, your notes can be accessed easily by other OneNote users over the internet or a certain network. This means that you can get rid of all your paperwork at home, and simply keep your notes in one place. Rest assured that everything is digital now. And not only does it help you at home, when you have to be in meetings, this application is also effective as you can also insert information from Outlook into your notes.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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