DJI will now require its drones to be registered online or it will inhibit performance


Drone flying is becoming more popular by the day and some of the best drones on the market are made by DJI. Now the company is going to require that all DJI drones be registered with the company online. If the drone is not registered then the company will inhibit the performance of that drone, including its flight range and some of its functions. DJI is adding a new activation process for the drones in the form of a firmware update at the end of this week. DJI is looking to make sure pilots are using their drones properly.

It’ll come into effect at the end of this week and is aimed at ensuring pilots use “the correct set of geospatial information and flight functions for your aircraft”, determined by your location and user profile.

The new firmware update will require pilots to connect their drone through the DJI app connected to the internet. There you will have to verify your account and then activate the update which brings these changes. If you do not activate the update then your drone will face the consequences.

Your drone won’t be able to access the geospatial info and flight functions, camera streaming will be disabled and flight range will be curtailed to a 164-foot radius, up to 98 feet high. These rules will apply to all of DJI’s “aircraft” running the latest firmware, whether you own a Phantom 4 or one of its cheaper drones. It’s the company’s attempt to curtail legal and trespassing issues that come into play when people can send flying robots pretty much anywhere.

As Engadget reports, the FAA has laid the burden of policing drones on the manufacturers and it looks like DJI is taking a step in that direction.

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Last Updated on May 22, 2017.


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