Three ways that aimbots can help you in Call of Duty


If you are an avid fan of Call of Duty or any other FPS (First-Person Shooter) game, then you might be completely aware of aimbots or may have used one in the past. For those who are not yet familiar, aimbots are computer programs that are specifically designed to assist players in automated target acquisition. To put it in simple terms, aimbots kill enemies and shoot vehicles and other targets automatically. Whether you consider using aimbots as cheating, hacking or owning your opponents, they are undeniably effective in turning less skilled and inexperienced players into the best sharpshooters in the game.

How do aimbots exactly work? While discussing the entire mechanics and the process of how they work might be very complicated, citing the three main aimbot categories might be simpler and easier to understand. The most basic and less advanced of them all is the color aimbots which are basically programmed to shoot at targets that match pre-assigned RGB color values. The next generation aimbots, also called content hacks, involve modifying the graphic display settings so that the program can easily distinguish active opponents from dead bodies, teammates, and background images. The most complex and most advanced of them all is the graphics driver aimbots. This type of aimbot keeps track of the coordinates of the opponents and shoots them once they are within the range of the selected weapon even if they are outside of the visible range of the player.

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1. Get a better match against elite clan players

While there are no existing laws against hacking and cheating in computer games, abusing aimbots may upset other people and get you banned from the game. Also, it doesn’t give the same feeling of fulfillment compared to if you have won without using an aimbot. There are however some exceptions where they are acceptable to use. One of these cases is when you are overmatched by a team of highly skilled players. Using an aimbot will definitely balance the playing field between a group of newbies and a team of elite gamers.

2. Get to higher ranks as quickly as possible

To get your rank from Private First Class (level 1) to Commander (level 55) in Call of Duty 4, you will need to earn hundreds of thousands of experience points (XPs) by winning a lot of games. Perhaps, the best way to win games is by owning your opponents with aimbots. Unlock new weapons, additional killstreaks, and exciting challenges by moving to higher ranks.

3. Get an even playing field against other aimbots users

Are you going up against other players who are using aimbots for no apparent reason? Using an aimbot is probably the perfect way to counter to this kind of player. You may also surprise other gamers who rely on unfair strategies to win matches such as spawn-camping and team switching. Teach annoying hackers, spammers, and trash talkers a lesson by defeating them with aimbots too.

*The opinions and commentary in this article are those of IWantCheats and not of Techaeris or its staff.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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