Looking for a minimal hybrid smartwatch? The Roxford may be your bag baby

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The smartwatch is still an open for debate gadget that continues to struggle to find its place in the wider marketplace. For some, the hybrid smartwatch is sort of a bridge to the wearable smartwatch. The hybrid smartwatch is not a completely functioning smartwatch like the Apple Watch or Android Wear. Instead, it offers up access to simple things such as notifications and fitness tracking. The Roxford is the latest entrant into the hybrid smartwatch world and they’re not lying when they call it minimalistic. I love minimalistic. Check out their video below as well as a short campaign description then hit the Indiegogo link at the end to support the project if you like it.


The Roxford is a minimalist, hybrid smartwatch with a fitness tracker built discreetly into the strap buckle. Designed by Aerospace Engineers, it preserves the style and sophistication of a modern analog timepiece, while subtly tracking users’ daily fitness, sleep patterns, and activity levels. The Roxford comes in a set with four straps and features quick-release snap technology, so users can change their look in seconds. There are 9 unique watch styles to choose.

The Roxford is a beautifully designed, high-performance hybrid smartwatch with a fully functional fitness tracker built into the strap.

Our team of aerospace engineers was inspired to develop a smartwatch that could adapt to any situation – casual, professional, or sport. That’s why each Roxford comes with four interchangeable straps, so you can easily customize the look and feel of your watch.

Aesthetically simplistic and sophisticated, the Roxford preserves a timeless minimalism that is both versatile and highly functional. From the hands down to the circuit board, our watches are built with style, comfort, and quality in mind.

Most smartwatches on the market put the tracker in the watch face. We designed the Roxford with the smart technology inside the watch buckle. Our patent-pending design helps distribute weight evenly around your wrist for balance and comfort.

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Last Updated on October 19, 2017.

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