Planet of the Apps is Apple’s first original TV program

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There have been rumblings across the internet about Apple’s desire to get into original television content. It has been speculated that the company wants to compete with Amazon and Netflix in the entertainment space. Well, Apple is indeed jumping into content creation and their first TV program is Planet of the Apps. Planet of the Apps is a reality-based TV show that looks strikingly similar to the popular series Shark Tank.

The focus here is app developers and giving these developers a chance to work with one of four celebrity investors. The four stars and investors of the program are, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, and Gary Vaynerchuk. Developers are allowed a few second pitch to the investors to which the investors can opt in or out of the idea. Should all investors opt out of the idea, the developer does not get a chance to go forward with the rest of their pitch. However, should even one investor say yes, then the developer can continue with the pitch and demo the app.

The idea for Planet of the Apps originally came from and its resemblance to Shark Tank is pretty evident. The host of the program is Zane Lowe, who I feel was picked for his excellent Jony Ive look, feel, and sound. The show is set for ten episodes with the first episode being available to everyone on iTunes and subsequent episodes available to Apple Music subscribers. I’ve been able to watch most of the first episode and the production is on par with what you would find from the networks. The idea itself is interesting but also not earth-shattering or very original. In the end, it’s entertainment and I suspect many will probably at least check it out.

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