Three unified communication tools from teams to executives


Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of running a prosperous business. It is imperative that your executive leadership team is transparent and are open to sharing information about the goals, mission, and values of the organization. This will ensure that your entire team is on the same page and will also create buy-in. If your employees buy-in to your vision and values for moving the company towards its goals, you will have a more engaged and effective team. Because communication is a cornerstone of a successful business, we have created this article to discuss ways in which you can ensure that this is happening in your organization.

The most successful organizations have great communication strategies in place that encourage their staff to be engaged and proud of the brand. By having employees that buy-in to your mission, values, and vision for moving forward, you will be more effective in implementing strategies to achieve these goals. There are many ways to encourage communication among your team members. Some leaders tend to just send an email or hand out memos to employees to share new information. Prosperous and advancing companies will employ innovative tools to achieve this same goal.

Having a centralized board portal allows your top level leaders to communicate with one another in real time.
  1. Streamlining communication. Regardless of the size of your organization, it is very important that you are sharing information about new developments, changes in processes, and updating staff as often as possible. It is also important that you make your employees feel valued and connected to your company. Many successful companies are utilizing social media or board portal for executives to meet this goal.
  2. Internal social media communications. Creating an internal social media marketing program can help your employees feel connected and engaged with your brand. They will post about your company with hashtags to show-off their work environment to friends and family which in turn gets your name out into the community. Another positive aspect to creating a social media platform internally is that you can indirectly market your brand to the outside world and your employees will do so naturally and in an authentic way.
  3. Board Portals. Having a centralized board portal allows your top level leaders to communicate with one another in real time. In addition to communicating, they can share documents, forms, and other materials in one location. Another unique perk to having a company board portal is that it will be securely stored in a cloud format. This means that your board members can access the information from anywhere as long as they have internet service. This is convenient as often times board members will travel and not be on location all the time.

Communication is critical to a successful business. It can be a challenge to coordinate effective communication among a variety of staff, supervisors, and executive leaders. This article has identified some ways in which you can do this in a unified manner that will not cause for a stall in your business operations. Whether you choose to invest in a board portal or other methods of communication like an internal social media strategy, your efforts will certainly pay off.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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