Three Tips to setting up a free event registration website


Planning a conference or an event can be a taxing endeavor and one that takes a great deal of attention to detail and intense scrutiny over logistics. Marketing and encouraging people to attend your event is of utmost importance as often times the number of people in attendance is a direct representation of its success. To plan a successful event, it is best to be as streamlined and organized as possible. This article will assist you in learning how to set up a free event registration website so that you can keep track of attendee information and monitor signups.

  1. Event Registration Software is a fantastic way to ensure that your registration process is organized and runs smoothly. You will be able to keep all the information submitted by attendees such as name, address, email, phone number, and workplace all in one software program. Before setting up your registration website, be sure to have all the pertinent information available. It is a good idea to post a potential schedule along with breakout sessions. If you are planning to have an event that is longer than one day, be sure to post information about lodging and transportation so that your attendees can plan accordingly. It is also important to post your costs associated with the event on the website. The software program will likely be able to help you in collecting payments which is critical to your success. Collecting money and generating revenue is also another way to gauge success.
  2. When setting up your registration website, be sure to take time in doing so. You will want your branding and marketing materials to match your website. It is important that potential attendees see the same branding throughout the conference or event and in all marketing materials. The reason this is important is, if it does not match, it is likely that some of your attendees may not register because they think it is a different event than the one they originally were interested in. Or maybe they sign up and then attend the event and are deeply disappointed because they thought they were attending another event. It is important to keep the same branding throughout the entire conference as well as pre and post marketing materials.
  3. Photographs and testimonials. If you have hosted this conference in the past, it is a good idea to include photographs of past events as well as positive testimonials from past attendees. People who have never attended your conference or event before will be interested in seeing what the atmosphere was like in previous years. They will also enjoy reading testimonials to get a better understanding of what they can expect to experience at your event.

Planning a conference or an event can be a big task to take on. In order to be successful, one must have diligence and the ability to be organized and follow through on completing tasks. Setting up a free event registration website can assist in in the process of streamlining revenue generation and attendee information all in one place.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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