[RUMOR] Say what? Free AirPods included with the iPhone 8?

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Free AirPods! Wouldn’t you love a pair of free AirPods? Well, the latest rumor concerning the upcoming iPhone 8 is saying that buyers will be getting free AirPods with their purchase. As always, rumors have to be taken with a grain of salt but I find this one highly unlikely. The cost alone of AirPods is what makes me think this is a very unlikely thing to happen. Apple’s wired EarPods are substantially cheaper than the AirPods which carry their own Apple W1 chip.

The retail price of EarPods is $30USD and I’m sure Apple’s manufacturing price is at least 60% below that. As such, it doesn’t cost Apple much to include EarPods in with every iPhone. Comparatively, the AirPods retail for $160USD and if we use the same 60% example, you can see how much more it would cost Apple.

I’m ready to embrace plenty of rumors surrounding the iPhone 8, including the edge to edge OLED display, fingerprint sensor embedded into the glass, and wireless charging. I’m not thoroughly convinced that Apple is that generous to include free AirPods with every iPhone 8, unless Apple is wrapping up the costs of the AirPods into the price of the phone (which could be conceivable) making you think you’re getting them for free.

The price of the iPhone 8 has been the subject of much debate with some initially believing it would clock in at $1,000+ USD. Since that report, many have said the price will remain competitive with Samsung, Google, and Apple’s own iPhone 7s (naming schemes still not known). Should the iPhone 8 price clock over the $1,000 mark then it could come to pass that AirPods would be included. Even then, I still can’t see Apple being that generous, but time will tell.

What do you think about this latest iPhone 8 rumor? Do you think Apple would really include free AirPods with their new iPhone 8 Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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