[RUMOR] Another iPhone 8 dummy phone has surfaced on video

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One of the iPhone 8 rumors from last month involved a video of a purported iPhone 8 dummy phone. It’s still unclear if that video is legit but another video has surfaced courtesy of 9to5Mac. In this video, another dummy phone is shown and compared to the current iPhone. This new dummy phone looks to match the previous video we’ve already seen showing off the vertical camera and supposedly edge-to-edge display. No home button can be seen on the front which points to an embedded fingerprint sensor. You can watch both videos below and have a look yourself.

First video of the dummy unit that showed up in May:

Latest video courtesy of 9to5Mac:

Now it could be the silver edges of the new iPhone that are throwing me off but it looks thicker than the current version. The design choice of silver edges around the black case sort of reminds me of the iPhone 3gs, which I’m not sure is a good thing. It’s plain to see that the phone is much shorter than the 7 Plus but if it does have an edgeless display, the display looks about the same size. I’m not sure how I feel about that vertical camera or the silver trim around it.

dummy phone
The edges of this dummy phone look a lot like a 3gs.

Keep in mind, IF this is a real iPhone 8 dummy phone, it’s most certainly not a final product. There’s likely going to be some more modifications and work put into it but the overall idea of what Apple has in mind is there. We shall see what happens come September. I hope there are some refinements coming because this one isn’t very polished.

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Last Updated on June 21, 2017.

dummy phone

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