10 years of iPhone history, what has changed?

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On the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, it’s only natural to reminisce. Over the last 10 years we’ve seen 15 different iPhone models, and each have had their own high and low points. Companies that have worked with Apple or the iPhone in any way have been digging back into the old vaults for some information and comparisons between the original iPhone all the way up to the iPhone 7.

SquareTrade is up first with some history on the durability and repair processes for the iPhone, followed up by an infographic from SureCall about the overall evolution of the iPhone.

You can see the entire SquareTrade Infographic on their website, but a few of the highlights regarding the most damage-inducing activities are outlined below:

  • Cracked screens galore – Despite using a screen protector (26 percent) or a phone case (35 percent), nearly half (49 percent) of owners have cracked their screen. These cracks happen at home (40 percent), during falls of less than 3 feet (49 percent) or when people are multitasking (68 percent). The worst part? If owners have ever cracked their screen, they’ve done so an average of 2 times, making repeat incidents fairly common.
  • Comparing Apples to Apples – While the iPhone 6 grabbed the headlines with Bendgate, the iPhone 5c was 2 times more likely to be crushed into pieces than other models. The device owners most reported falling foul of spills was the iPhone 5s, which was a whopping 49 percent more likely to sustain water damage than other iPhone models.
  • Surprising factors affect likelihood of damage – Mode of travel and even users’ height can all affect the likelihood of damage. iPhone owners who walk, bike or take public transit to work are 46 percent more likely to suffer phone damage. With height, owners who are 5’ 4” or less are 16 percent more likely to suffer phone damage. Meanwhile, owners over 6’ are 32 percent less likely to suffer the same fate. Twenty-seven percent of accidents have occurred on vacation, 21 percent while playing a sport, 15 percent while snapping a photo and 18 percent while consuming alcohol.
  • Siri-ous Brand Loyalty – Most iPhone owners have only ever owned an iPhone (43 percent) making them a pretty loyal group. But they aren’t upgrading every year, as current owners have only owned an average of 2.5 different models. What are they holding on to? Maybe it’s the iPhone 4, which is the longest kept iPhone and also the first iPhone most owned (23 percent).
  • Social Media use is common and dangerous – More than half (55 percent) of iPhone owners reported spending less than 30 minutes a day making calls. However, a quarter spend two or more hours a day using social media. The top five most used apps – outside of Mail, iMessage, Phone and Safari – are the Facebook, Camera, YouTube, Instagram and Google Maps apps. Just be careful, as owners who use social media four or more hours a day are 57 percent more likely to suffer phone damage!

Up next is SureCall. They focused more on the evolution of the iPhone rather than the damage one can cause to it. You can take a look at their full infographic below (click to expand), and be sure to let us know what your thoughts are about the 10 years the iPhone has been around in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on June 29, 2017.

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