The new Audi A8 will have Level 3 semi-autonomous driving


Audi news is hot and heavy today as the company shows off the new Audi A8. The highlight of the newAudi A8 is its Level 3 semi-autonomous driving system along with all the other tech packed in it. The interior of the new A8 is like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise — screens, screens, screens (buttons are so 2015). The A8L has long been one of my favorite luxury sedans on the market and this one looks like it has plenty of space to lounge in.

The Level 3 semi-autonomous driving can take control of the car at speeds up to 37 mph on a highway with a barrier between traffic. The system will take control of the Audi A8 starting, steering, accelerating and braking but still warn the driver if they need to take the helm. Parking is also done automatically, whether in your garage in out on the street — similar to Tesla’s auto-parking.

Its suspension system comes paired with cameras that monitor the road ahead and can command the suspension to soften up over bumps. Electric motors actuate the air suspension to soften or firm up at a millisecond’s notice. It can also raise the car up if there’s a side collision to help mitigate any chance of injury, by deflecting the blow to the strongest parts of the chassis.

The car also packs vehicle-to-x communication capabilities, although it only appears limited to traffic sign recognition and hazard information for the time being.

The new Audi A8 will be on sale in Germany this fall starting at €90,600EUR ($103,243USD) and the A8 L will start at €94,100EUR ($107,288USD). It is supposed to make its debut in the US sometime mid-2018.

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Last Updated on July 11, 2017.

Audi A8

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