Check out Dark Legacy, a fan made Star Wars short film


Star Wars is one of those things that is likely never going to die and that’s a good thing. The franchise has sparked a whole ecosystem of fans and fan made movies, books, and merchandise. The fan made movies are among my favorite and Dark Legacy is one of the latest ones to hit the internet. The film is written and directed by Anthony Pietromonaco and stars Erin Wu, Fabien Garcia, and Dave Thomas. The film is centered around the Sith and the synopsis provided to us is short but gives a bit of the feel.

According to Sith lore, “Training is complete only with the death of the master or the student.” Dark Legacy is a short film about an apprentice imprisoned against her will by a Sith Master searching for the student who will surpass him, or die trying.

The Dark Legacy trailer is also short but it looks pretty amazing so check that out below.

If that was enough to tease your taste buds then the full Dark Legacy film can be viewed below. It’s about eleven minutes long but you know these independent filmmakers don’t have the Hollywood budgets to make hour long movies.

Here are just a few YouTube comments about the movie.

I saw this advertised as a fan film. It looks better than 99% of what comes out of Hollywood. The effects were top-notch and the music was fantastic and so appropriate.

The producers of Star Wars need to seriously consider hiring the creators of this fan made short film because it is beautifully created!
The 11 minutes of this film was better than the full-scale Hollywood production of some of the Star Wars prequels in the Phantom Menace series.
It was also interesting seeing the training if a Sith as opposed to a Jedi. If you’re a SW fan this is definitely worth checking out!

This was gorgeous. Truly. From the design of the Master to the moon they were on.

What did you think of the Dark Legacy? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on July 12, 2017.

Dark Legacy

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