Amazon’s next generation Echo will be more stylish and have better sound

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There is no question that Amazon’s Echo and its spinoffs have been a huge success and a hit with users. It’s because of the Amazon Echo that Google and Apple have and are making their own voice assistant speakers. That’s exactly why it’s time for Amazon to do an upgrade. While the Google Home offers up a similar sound experience it is the Apple HomePod that is said to trump the sound of Amazon’s speakers.

The HomePod is being billed as an audiophile’s device and has seven tweeters and a subwoofer. The current Echo only has one large tweeter and one subwoofer. According to Engadget, who had hands on time with a HomePod, Sonos PLAY:3 and an Echo. In Engadget’s estimation, the sound from the HomePod beat the other two handily.

Well, I’ll put it this way: If listening to the HomePod was like listening to a CD, then audio through the Echo sounded like AM radio. In my experience, it’s excellent for audiobooks, but if given the choice, I’d rather have the HomePod pump out my jams.

So it makes sense that Amazon wants to make their product better while they have the better voice assistant. Now only is Amazon going to improve the sound but they’re going to redesign the look. The new device will be shorter and a little slimmer with rounded edges and a fabric covering. Amazon will also be upgrading the microphone array but no concrete details have been shared regarding that improvement.

The original device is still a great device but Amazon must make improvements with the competition starting to heat up. No word on pricing yet but with the upgraded sound, it could cost a bit more than the original. Still, if Amazon can manage to improve the sound and keep the price lower than HomePod, it should accomplish what it wants to do. Stay on top of the heap.

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Last Updated on July 14, 2017.


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