3 Reasons why every gamer should play Amumu, League of Legends champion


Amumu is perhaps one of the best League of Legends champions that you should start to play if you are either just a beginner who would want to get to level 30 (maximum) immediately or if you are already an experienced one looking for a different champion to master.

Amumu, also nicknamed “the sad mummy,” is actually not one of the most difficult champions to learn. But it is also not one one of the easiest too. Nevertheless, playing with this champion is very rewarding especially because of its ability to adapt with any team composition. With its ultimate ability called “Curse of the Sad Mummy,” Amumu is definitely a great team player especially with a group of magical champions. When activated, this ability deals magic damage to champions while tangling the enemy and inflicting 10% bonus true damage from all incoming magic attacks from allies.

If you are not yet convinced on giving Amumu a try, then you might want to check out the top 3 reasons why you should start mastering this champion. Play with Amumu and dominate the game like never before.

1. Amumu is a very tanky champion

One of the downsides of choosing to play a tanky (or with high health) champion is that they do not inflict much damage to enemy champions. Amumu is different from them. He is probably one of the few champions which are tanky and are be capable of dealing high damage to opponents at the same time.

Amumu may also be weak and susceptible to ganks (or surprise attacks) at the start of the game. But by building the runes and items around a massive health, you can transform your squishy Amumu to an indestructible champion during the endgame. Because of its unique skill set, you may also be more confident of fighting at the frontline without compromising its offensive skills.

2. Amumu has great crowd control abilities

Crowd control is a blanket term referring to spells and abilities that block or diminish a player’s control over its champion for an amount of time. Amumu’s “Bandage Toss” ability stuns the target for 1 second; removing the enemy’s control over the champion and disabling attacks, spells, and activation of items over its duration. The ultimate ability called “Curse of the Sad Mummy” entangles the enemy for 3 seconds. During this time, the enemy cannot move, execute attacks, and cast Flash and Teleport summoner spells. With a great crowd control power like Amumu’s, you can use your attacks more efficiently and easily finish off escaping targets.

3. Amumu has a massive area of effect

Area of Effect refers to attacks and abilities which can deal damage to multiple units within a specified area. Amumu’s offensive abilities actually have a large area of effect. With its great massive damage and a large area of effect, you can effectively use Amumu to clear out waves of enemy minions and to kill a team of opponents using surprise attacks.

Amumu’s massive health, respectable magic damage, amazing crowd control abilities, and a large area of effect definitely makes this one of the most powerful champions that you can try. For a better experience, you may also visit http://elitist-gaming.com/build/amumu/ and check out the best build for this champion.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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