Is the iPhone 8 sitting on the bleeding edge of Apple’s ability to innovate?

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I’ve made no bones about the fact that I’m a dual-user of smartphone operating systems. I happen to use an iPhone as well as multiple Android devices. I also happen to prefer the iPhone over my Android devices but that doesn’t make Android inferior. I could go on about certain aspects of the iPhone I prefer over Android but that’s all debatable and not the point of this editorial. As I was sifting through my morning tech feed, I happened upon one article that made the following statement.

With a new OLED display, curved glass, new physical design, inductive charging, and a still to be confirmed change in biometric recognition, the iPhone 8 is sitting on the bleeding edge of Apple’s ability to innovate.

My immediate reaction to this, the second sentence of the article, is literally below.


Now, I am not going to go into who made this statement but I found it to be inaccurate at best. Or maybe I’m reading into this more than I should but none of those things are new.

  • OLED display – been done
  • Curved glass – been done
  • New physical design – huh?
  • Inductive charging – been done
  • Biometric recognition – all rumored additions to iPhone have been done

Apple seems to have taken a stance of adoption in the mobile space rather than innovation. Granted, there are times Apple adopts something and actually improves on it (also debatable) but I have found they no longer sit on the bleeding edge but camp out below it and gather up ideas falling over it. One area the company does seem to innovate is its ability to market their products. I mean, the new phone is rumored to cost over $1,000USD to start and people will buy it.

None of this means we shouldn’t be excited for the new iPhone, I’m pretty stoked to get one in my hands as soon as possible. I just think some of my fellow tech press might benefit from not exaggerating Apple’s current role in mobile innovation.

What do you think? Do you honestly think Apple is innovating new technologies in mobile? Or do you think they’re adopting existing technologies and either making them better or adapting them to their needs? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on July 20, 2017.


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