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We love Braven here at Techaeris, and have often had very nice things to say about their Bluetooth speakers. Braven has recently branched out into new lines of audio hardware with some new earbuds. The Braven Audio Flye Sport range of wireless Bluetooth earbuds marks a new chapter for Braven, moving from your shelf or mounted on your handlebars to directly into your ears.

The new Flye Sport line includes two earbuds available now — Flye Sport and Flye Sport Reflect — as well as two models coming soon — Flye Sport Power and Flye Sport Glo. The Flye Sport and Flye Sport Reflect do have a couple similarities, including an IPX5 rating to ensure that you aren’t going to sweat through these earbuds. If Braven’s history is anything to go on, both ought to sound pretty fantastic, and both include various eartips, or other means of finding the perfect fit for your ears.

The Flye Sport Reflect earbuds include both over-ear as well as in-ear hooks to ensure you get the right fit.

Both earbuds obviously connect via Bluetooth, and both are available in the same color combinations, which include Black, White, Slate/Crimson, and Silver/Electric to give you some choice over the look of your earbuds.

The Flye Sport includes 12 hours of battery life while the Reflect only has 5 out of the box. The Reflect makes up for this by adding an additional 20 hours of battery life with the included 900mAh battery bank. The Reflect also offers a reflective cable for added safety while running or biking outdoors. The Flye Sport earbuds are available now for $49.99 USD while the Flye Sport Reflect earbuds will run you $99.99 USD. Once available, the Flye Sport Power wireless earbuds will cost $149.99 USD and the truly wire-free Flye Sport Glo earbuds will cost $199.99 USD.

You can read more about the launch of Braven Audio’s Flye Sport line in the full press release below. What do you think about Braven’s foray into the world of sport earbuds? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.



BRAVEN Audio Launches Flye SportTM Range of Wireless, Bluetooth® In-Ear Audio

BRAVEN Audio launches Flye SportTM and Flye Sport ReflectTM wireless earbuds

Salt Lake City, UT – July 13, 2017– BRAVEN, widely recognized award-winning designer of premium
Bluetooth® audio solutions, today launches a new brand category of performance-oriented Bluetooth®
earbuds. Part of BRAVEN’s Active Series, the Flye SportTM line of in-ear audio includes two wireless and
waterproof earbud options, the Flye SportTM and Flye Sport ReflectTM, both available today online at


Offering twelve hours of continuous playtime, the lightweight and waterproof Flye SportTM earbuds deliver
crisp clear sound ideal for traveling, biking, and everyday use. Check out the Flye SportTM earbuds in
action during a cycling class. Additional product details include:

• IPX5 Waterproof Certified
• 12 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge
• Wireless Bluetooth® connectivity
• Includes Small, Medium, Large ear tips to deliver custom fit
• Available in Black, White, Slate/Crimson, and Silver/Electric color ways
• MSRP: $49.99 USD


Optimal for roadside runs or cycling, the sweat-proof Flye Sport ReflectTM earbuds are designed with a
reflective lining for added visual safety during evening or early morning outdoor activities. Check out the
Flye Sport ReflectTM earbuds keeping up during an afternoon run. Additional product details include:

• IPX5 Waterproof Certified
• Reflective cable offers added level of safety
• Five-hours of continuous playtime on a single charge
• Additional 20 hours of playtime with included 900mAh battery bank
• Includes a size range of in-ear fit options including over-ear and inner-ear hooks to deliver a
secure fit
• Connects via wireless Bluetooth®
• Available in Black, White, Slate/Crimson, and Silver/Electric color ways
• MSRP: $99.99 USD

BRAVEN’s Flye SportTM and Flye Sport ReflectTM wireless earbuds are now available for purchase online
at Additions to the Flye SportTM in-ear audio series including the Flye Sport PowerTM and
Flye Sport GloTM earbuds will launch in the coming months.


Listen EverywhereTM. BRAVEN Audio is widely recognized for designing award-winning premium
Bluetooth® audio solutions that deliver superior sound in any setting. Founded in 2011, BRAVEN’s
dedication to craftsmanship and innovative engineering quickly transformed the brand into one of the
fastest growing wireless audio brands in the industry with a diversified product line
encompassing Outdoor, Active, and Premium centered audio solutions. For more information about
BRAVEN Audio, please visit or connect with BRAVEN on Facebook
at, Instagram @bravenproducts, and in action on YouTube
via BRAVENproducts.

Last Updated on July 25, 2017.


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