Honolulu will fine you if you’re crossing a cross walk while on your mobile device

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As we all know texting and driving is dangerous and also illegal due to the fact that it’s a distraction and puts everyone around you in danger. If you’re caught texting and driving you’ll be fined and hopefully make you never do it again. But this isn’t about texting and driving, it’s about not being on your phone and walking across the street and Honolulu, Hawaii, has taken the first step toward making sure people aren’t on their phones while crossing the street.

If you’re caught walking across the street while on your phone, you could be fined anywhere from $15 USD to $99 USD, but it could be much more than that depending on how many times you’ve gotten in trouble. You will be exempt if you are in need of emergency assistance when calling 911 at the scene of a car crash, so don’t expect to get any sort of fine. With Honolulu being the first major city to pass this law, Mayor Kirk Caldwell wants other states to follow suit and make a ban to keep pedestrians safe due to the city having the highest crosswalk impacts than any other city in the US.

There are some people who think this ban wouldn’t keep people as safe because officers may look the other way instead of stopping you right then and there because of other issues that may be going on such as an accident. Others think that people should be educated on being responsible when on your phone and walking to the other side of the road. Either way, if more than enough people see this ban being successful, it could end up in places other than Honolulu.

What are your thoughts about a ban on people being on their phone when crossing the street? Do you think people will follow the law if it’s set in place in other cities? Why not tell us by commenting below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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