Spotify Xbox app spotted, is it finally coming to the console?

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Hopefully, the Spotify Xbox app will also allow users access to the background streaming functionality.

There’s no doubt that Spotify is one of the more popular music streaming services. The company has made their app available on many devices including Android, iOS, Windows 10, and the PlayStation consoles (by way of PlayStation Music). However, the Xbox console has been missing support for the service, but that may be about to change. Major Nelson has been spotted testing a Spotify Xbox app, if a screenshot from a tweet is to be believed.

If the service is indeed coming to the Xbox One, after all the Windows 10 app was recently converted to a Universal Windows Program, it will give users yet another option for streaming music on the console alongside Microsoft’s Xbox Music, and Pandora. Hopefully, the Spotify Xbox app will also allow users access to the background streaming functionality so they can enjoy their Spotify Music playlists while playing their favourite Xbox One games.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point based on a single image, but many users have long asked for Spotify to bring their service to the Xbox One console. Users can currently use Spotify with their consoles in a roundabout way with the Spoticast for Spotify Xbox app, but it not only costs $9.99 USD, it also has mediocre reviews.

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